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Black Bag With Leather Handles

Code: BI708-2

Dimensions: 55x38x16 cm

The Doby Plain Beach Bag is a solid midnight black bag that is ideal for just about any environment. The Doby Beach Bag is a resilient bag capable of withstanding harsh conditions while accommodating the users needs.

This tasteful midnight black beach bag offers a stunning mixture of style and class. This bag makes a perfect match for outdoor activities due to its high durability. This beach bag will have a more "sporty" feel while delivering portability that will please all your customers? everyday requirements. Made from highly durable material, it is truly the practical option for any kind of activity. This beach bag is certainly large enough to hold your customers? possessions with ease. The Doby Plain Black Beach Bag?s uses do not cease only with outdoor activity. This beach bag can also make a wonderful accessory for an evening out in the town. Its stunning design can complement just about any outfit do to its very simplistic approach. The Doby Plain Black Beach Bag is literally the entire package and one that should definitely be included in every wholesale inventory.

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