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Decorative Glassware

Glass Votive - Urn

Code: LB4097-2

Dimensions: 11x11x15 cm

A clear glass votive candle holder cleverly shaped as a Grecian urn.

This urn is fashioned out of clear glass. It functions well as a votive candle holder or a small vase. The glass container curves with an upward swell from a circular center that rests atop a pedestal. The traditional manner of placing urns is on either side of a door in a dining room. You would also see them on both ends of a side table or fireplace. As candle holders, they would be attractive when lined in a row of several with the wicks lit. At night the votive candle holder would be partially illuminated in the shape of an urn in the dark. They are a charming option for both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. It is about the right size to be considered a serviceable hurricane lamp that shelters a flame from wind as well.
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