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Soft furnishings

Table Runner - Silver Gold - Long

Code: LB0279L

Dimensions: 180x33 cm

When it comes to home decorating, you've always had an eye for detail. You may not be a professional, but that doesn't mean you're any less passionate. You tie your drapes back with the utmost care, carefully position your furniture so there's even flow in between the rooms, and know that silver and gold can sometimes be uber tacky instead of tres chic when used in excessive amounts.

This long Silver Gold Table Runner is the perfect touch of elegance to change the look of an entire room. Its damask detailing, exquisite lines and beautiful shape say so much. It tells your guests that you care about the details, about making your home luxurious but welcoming and that they can expect to receive only the best from you. Don't settle for a plain table when this runner can easily transform it from everyday and extraordinary.
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