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Soft Furnishings

Tassel Cristallo - Blue/cream

Code: LB2278-4

Dimensions: 4x4x18 cm + cord

If your customers are looking to add energy to a dull room then the Tassel Cristallo-Blue/Cream will certainly achieve this task. The two-toned balanced combination of threads found in this tassel will certainly bring out the beauty in any ordinary room.

The Tassel Cristallo-Blue/Cream has a unique and dynamic combination of hues that are capable of arousing some of the most calming sensations in a room decoration. With the right furniture and colour scheme, this tassel can certainly educe a serene and sedate sensation. The dramatic sensation that one is capable of feeling by simply implementing this unique ornament is unequalled.

This Tassel would be a great accessory to have as a collection for prospective buyers due to the highly positive association with this beautiful colour. The Blue/Cream Tassel Cristallo is an engaging colour that expresses exhilaration. This ornament would be a commodity for those looking to utilize its warm shades during the spring and summer time, while tapping into its darker hues during the fall and winter seasons. The Tassel Cristallo-Blue/Cream ornament will certainly be a collector?s item for professional and amateur interior designers looking to revamp their living and sleeping areas.

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