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Candles & Candle Holders

A house is not a home unless it has been adorned with fine and delicate details and little ornaments. Sometimes, it is the littlest of things that get noticed, provided it is well-placed, made of marvelous material and is something truly unique and eye-catching. The most exciting part of building a home comes in the finishing touches - and your customers know this so well.

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A vase in the dining area, a candleholder in the bathroom that complements the colors of candles perfectly - these are just a few ideas that you can share with your clientele. LaVida understands that you want nothing but to help your customers build a perfect home, where every corner contains just the right amount of detail and every piece of flower arrangement sits perfectly in its place. And this is why we are your one stop shop for everything about candle holders.

Candlelit and loving it

Beautiful and elegant candleholders provide a soft and romantic ambiance to any room. Candles represent a multitude of occasions and can instantly add a spark to any mood. Birthday parties and dinner gatherings are made more special with a few candles lit. Candles represent warmth and hope and lighting one or two while saying a prayer does wonders for the well-being. Is not dinner made more special with some steak and wine and some candles lit as well?

Every bit counts

When the meat is cooked to perfection and the evening’s music has carefully been chosen, that same quality of thoughtfulness and care should run down to every single detail of a candle light dinner? One does not just throw on the first outfit they see in the drawer. Clothes, hairstyle and shoes have to be planned down to their last detail and the same goes for candlelight dinners. The best silverware, the finest linen, and the most expensive wine must be brought out.

Dinner is served

Make every moment memory worthy. Candles are a huge element to making a dinner romantic or special---and your clientele would agree. They must be housed in only the finest candleholders available from Australia’s premier distributor of giftware. The excellent collection of candleholders is sure to bring charm and romance wherever they are placed. Romantic dinners aren’t the only occasions to bring out these exquisite pieces. There is a candleholder for every occasion. Glass made with intricate silver jewelry and pearls make excellent table pieces for Christmas, for instance.

Scents and sensibilities

Elegantly long and tapered cut glass pieces add a classy touch to formal dining occasions and serve as charming mantelpieces. Looking for the perfect piece to complement a fresh floral arrangement? Set them with a beautifully molded crystal clear glass holders and watch the petals come alive. The collection is also packed with some of the most charming scented candles ever seen. They come in quaint glass jar holders with silken tassels and are candy colored candles to pamper aromatic sensibilities in lavender and rose scents.

Darling details

The collection is rounded off by charming tin candleholder cans in sturdy steel setting. They come in a wide variety of designs to capture the imagination of any stylish homemaker. There are rounded tins, tray sets and tiny plates to accommodate candles of all shapes and sizes. They come in a clean silvery white finish which perfectly complements any color scheme in your home or garden. Finally, there are the more exquisitely designed and detailed candelabras which are made to hold five or more candles at a time. These candelabras lend an awe-inspiring finish to any table in any room as they inspire an air of the Victorian era with its elegantly curving arms and finely tuned craftsmanship.

A bright idea

Candles are a must have item for any home - and your customers know this is true. These are very useful during a power shortage, or to keep certain insects out. Most have aromatic properties that can soothe, calm or invigorate depending on moods and needs. Candles are romantic and lend a touch of a forgotten era when heroes were willing to lay their life for their loved ones. These are symbolic of many things and it is only proper that they are kept in candleholders that are as special as the occasions they represent. Help your customers invigorate their homes with the beautiful assortment of candleholders and other home furnishings.

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