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Woven Shopperleather Strap S/2

Code: LT3249-1
Product Dimensions: L: 30x20x58cm S: 26x17x63cm
Product Material: Straw, Leather, Cotton, Wooden Bead


Weight: 0.30kg
Inner Qty: 2

Keep it easy and light-well-that might be too tall an order for an avid shopper like you but when it comes to your choice of shopping bag, this is the kind that will indeed keep it light and easy. Made from organic material, the twins are a great choice for all who believe that shopping is all about creating impromptu changes to the shopping list when great deals cannot be missed out on. Here is an option that will ease the stress of finding the kind of space you need when your shopping exceeds a certain limit.

Great for adding a touch of summer fresh cool look. This accessory will add to your charming look this season, made from straw with leather straps -the wide mouth bags have two in the set-the smaller one fashioned in a way that it can easily fit into the larger one when not in use the sturdy flat leather straps are attached strongly to the main body of straw woven in the most pliable smooth manner. Will settle well on the shoulder and will sling easy from your hands as well. The taller of the two bags is 63 cm in height and the smaller one is about 50 cm in height, the dark leather straps adds a colour definition too set against the natural straw colour of the bag. The weaving is such that despite carrying heavy burdens, it will hold up well. Add that all important carrier for all those overloaded days.

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