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Bakers Stands

Take a look at LaVida's wholesale range of bakers stands, constantly being updated and added to.

Be sure to check our regularly updated stock for the latest styles, designs and finishes.

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Bakers Stands are traditionally used to display merchandise in stores and years ago they were made from very heavy planks of wood and metal and only the finest outlets could afford something a little more refined.

Fortunately retailers now have access to affordable and beautiful Baker Stands to show off their products and add a feeling of style and order to their retail display.

Here at LaVida we know the value of these Baker Stands as we use them in our Trade Shows so its really important to us that they are strong and steadfast and that they are versatile and that we have a variety of heights, depths and designs.

We also know the value of space and making the most use of the limited space that most retailers have so maximizing height and having corner units is a great way to really make most use of your square footage.

Here at LaVida we are often the first port of call for new retailers setting up their businesses and they need these larger pieces of furniture to kit out their stores, making it feel fuller for less money is a great way to open up shop quickly.   It also gives you a beautiful empty canvas to start building on top, creating your own style and feel and putting your personality into your store.

Once these customers have had that experience of our products, prices and customer service they tend to be customers for the future, purchasing all their wholesale homewares, home decor and gifts from us.  We love watching this journey and seeing them grow from start-ups to strong businesses.

The designs that we choose when selecting a range of Baker Stands are really important.  The stand should not deter or detract customers from looking at the products.  Although most businesses will also sell the Baker Stands as and when customers ask and they just come back to LaVida and stock up again.

We will often have a good selection of vintage or shabby chic baker stands or display stands as some people call them now.  We like to have a variety of colours so that there is something to blend into and work with your vision for your store.

You will find that most of our Baker Stands come in a neutral pallet, mainly creams, greys and a few black. 

The detail is also super important as its gives that look of luxury that sets the tone of your business.

You can see all our current designs below and make sure you keep a look out for our emails as we are constantly updating and refreshing all our wholesale stock, not just the Baker Stands.

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