Drawing influence from the New York City upper class residents who resided to their Long Island holiday homes, Hamptons style has captured the world, more specifically Australia. With our love of indoor/outdoor living and the weather working in our favour, the Hamptons style is perfect for our lifestyle. ... read more

Hamptons style is classical, and the architecture is timeless. The look is taking Australia by storm with the fresh, airy palette of white- washed linens, crisp white timber finishes, ocean inspired hues complimented by neutral tones and an array of natural textures.

At LaVida, we have all your needs to either add a touch of this holiday-inspired coastal look, or to completely transform your home into a luxurious Hamptons retreat.

Develop the Hampton's style and pay homage to heritage by incorporating hints of coastal inspired d?©cor in blues, timbers, and rattan. LaVida has a wide range of furniture that fits the Hamptons feel. Use furniture as the hero of the look, as every piece provides a style highlight to transform your home.

Style your Hampton's home with fresh white and blue d?©cor. LaVidas' BU porcelain range is the perfect addition to add a luxurious and elegant feel. We have a range of vases, jars, planters, urns, jugs, and stools that can make your home feel timeless. Tabletops are a great place to introduce these fine China items, illuminated by linen shaded lamps with coffee table books.

We suggest layering with rugs in natural fibers such as jute, to add neutral and tonal colours. Woven textures such as natural cotton and bleached wool can also work in a Hamptons space. If you wish to add colour, play around with washed blues to maintain the coastal feel. We have a variety of rugs that could be used to enhance the Hampton's style.

Inject the luxurious coastal look with artwork. Typically, Hampton's style sees detailed coral prints lining the walls, beach washed paintings or timeless floral arrangements. LaVida has a variety of Artworks and Wall D?©cor that will add to the overall Hamptons feel.

Our range of woven cushions and placemats are the perfect items to add a natural texture. Bring in the hints of neutral colours that make the Hamptons look so recognizable. As the Hamptons is a holiday destination, you want to invoke a relaxed feeling and put comfort first. Cushions and throws are the perfect way to move in this direction while also keeping and adding to the Hampton's style.

Add the textures of the seas to your d?©cor with the introduction of our coral pieces. These luxurious looking polyresin coral sculptures add a touch of elegance to the coastal style of the Hamptons. Their organic shapes and details make for a chic design feature while adding more textural elements to your d?©cor.

LaVida stocks a range of lamps that are both traditional and modern and would accentuate the Hamptons style. With fresh linen shades these lamps are on trend with the Hamptons style. Each lamp has a textured or ocean hued base which injects the luxurious Hamptons brand into your home.

Vases and glass wear are pivotal to styling and adding a little bit of glamour to the Hamptons feel. Sea glass colours are a great addition to get those luxe ocean hues and add a coastal touch.

Injecting an element of nature through florals is also a typical Hamptons technique. Stick with more traditional florals such as hydrangeas or peonies and again stick to the ocean inspired colour palette. You can introduce these florals not only through physical floral arrangements but also through classic artworks. LaVida has a range of floral artworks that can be used in your Hamptons space to create a fresh and modern take.

Explore LaVidas collection of Hamptons style d?©cor. Whether you want to transform your entire living space or just revamp a single room our range of items will help to transform your space and develop the Hamptons iconic look and feel. ¬†¬†¬†¬†

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