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Welcome to LaVida's range of wholesale Miscellaneous Homewares and Gift ranges.

This range contains all those interesting and unusual products.

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We all love to shop and wandering into a store and finding all the unique and unusual pieces is always a treat.

Our selection of Miscellaneous is just that.  Its for all those ranges that are just slightly too small to have their own category, so lets take a look at what you can expect to find.

We currently have some key sections to help you find what you need.  Umbrellas, Glasses Cases and Novelty Items are all within here as well as some other interesting finds.


It's surprising to learn that some parts of Australia receive more rain than some parts of Europe - so umbrella's are a very practical product to keep in stock whether it be for those tropical rain showers or the long days of rain in the Autumn & Winter months.

We find most people like to keep an umbrella in each car, as well as at home, so quite often a household may have three to four umbrella's to go around.

Umbrella's are also one of those items that we leave at someones hours or in a friend's car and then we need to replace it. The wind on a rainy day can also play havoc with an umbrella and they often need replacing.

LaVida always carries in stock a standard plain and black, classic style umbrella as we know that some people just prefer that type.

But we also like to have plenty of stock of fun and bright umbrella's for those customers who like to make a statement with their umbrella and for those we have rainbow style umbrellas and all kinds of pretty and bright choices.

Umbrella's are an extension of our style and personal statement so they do change with trends and looking for those umbrellas that you think your customers would look for is something only you can do.

Getting to know your customers helps you to select items that reflect their style and budget, so LaVida always has a great selection for you to choose from.

As you know, LaVida likes to offer something for everyone so we have umbrellas with a very feminine touch of a slight frill around the outside - very Parisian and very pretty.

We have also from time to time had stocks of outdoor umbrellas and golf umbrellas but always check our current stock just in case.

We ensure that our ranges of umbrellas are hard wearing and great quality and most importantly at workable prices for you and your customers.

Displaying umbrellas couldn't be easier, hanging off hooks and door handles they present beautifully and are an easy sell on a wet day.

We also like to keep stocks of those great umbrella stands that looks great in hallways and on porches. These are also great for commercial premises so try keeping one handy in stock.

We have lots of ranges to compliment our umbrella market in fact we have over 40 categories to help guide through thousands of our products.

Glasses Cases

Long gone are the plain glasses cases, you can now make a statement with a chic and stylish glasses case - practical and cool!

Our Ladies glasses cases are chosen for their glamour and appeal whilst making sure they are affordable enough to be in that easy purchase category.

You can choose from a wide selection of plain rhinestone detail or patterned. Available in great colours bright or neutral so there really is something for everyone's style and taste.

Already very popular in the gift and chemist markets they are becoming increasingly popular amongst general homeware stores.

Men's Glasses Cases

We know that men prefer a simpler more understated style of glasses cases, so we always carry in stock a great range of plain and simple glasses cases for men, or ladies, who just prefer the classic look.

If you stock a range of reading glasses or sunglasses then these are the perfect complimentary product to sell alongside.

Novelty Items

Always a fun category to browse through as you never know what may appear.

Sometimes we have wrapping paper and gift tags, scented drawer sachets and wardrobe hangers other times it may be table decorations and gift bags.  Its constantly changing so keep checking bag to see if there is anything in here that your customers would love.

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