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Picture Frames

Pictures are supposed to speak a thousand words. But with Lavida's wonderful assortment of picture frames, the photos you have on display go beyond relaying mere words. These picture frames give your photos the platform to speak of beautiful stories about your most cherished memories. ... read more... read more

Size should never be the only factor to consider when buying picture frames. Frames are like what crowns are for royalty. It's not a matter of how big or how large they are but more about how their looks compliment the person wearing them. Crowns make princes and princesses look more like royalty while picture frames can help emphasize the sentimental value of every photo you have on display.

Diamonte Photo Frames

If you have photos in black and white or photos made to look like vintage works of art, they would definitely go well with Diamonte enamel photo frames. These frames come in various shapes such as hearts, rectangles, and even a circular frame with a quaintly charming bow on top.

They have the polish of modern art combined with the quiet and serene beauty of antiques, making them ideal to set off photos of your grandparents or your black-and-white studio photos when you graduated.

Double Photo Frames

Some photos are best displayed together in a single photo frame. They symbolize a union or bond between two photos or memories. It can be photos of you and your partner or your two wonderful children. It can be photos of your first wedding and the other a snapshot of your 25th wedding anniversary.

Take the time to think about what photos deserve shared display space with a double photo frame. These are the memories that, when seen side by side, remind you of how some people ? or things ? are simply meant to be together for eternity.

Flax Embossed Photo Frames

If you love works of art and discovering new cultures, then you have probably amassed quite a number of travel photos in your lifetime. Such photos deserve photo frames that are as beautiful and unique as the backgrounds of your photos. Your travels and photos can easily be considered as works of art. With the help of flax embossed photo frames, their artistic value is highlighted in an exquisite but subtle way.

Whitewashed Photo Frames

If your house has cosy look to it, then your photos should have frames that match the décor of your home. For something simple and elegant, consider using a rectangular whitewash photo frame. These frames give off an all-natural vibe that’s sure to go well in a country house setting. It’s also certain to be a perfect fit with patios and terraces as well as log cabins and summer houses.

Black Photo Frames

Black frames are becoming more common nowadays and for truly good reasons. Black frames are sophisticated and simple at the same time. They are also a particularly good match for homes or rooms that follow a Zen or minimalistic design.

You have probably heard some people saying that color X is the new black. But in the end, there are times when all colours fail and only monochromatic shades succeed. Black is still the shade that is guaranteed to make you ? or in this case, your photos ? stand out.

Bevel Photo Frames

There are photos that make you smile, some that make you cry, and then there are photos that make you proud. These are photos of your greatest achievements in life, and they deserve the kind of photo frames that do not make light of their value.

Such photos are best mounted on bevel photo frames ? the most classic of all styles of photo frames. They are also ideal to use for photos that honour beloved traditions in your family.

There are many other types of photo frames that you can choose from, and each one of them deserves your attention. If you are having a hard time choosing which frame is ideal for your photo, just close your eyes and think of the frames that have caught your eye. One of them is sure to leap out as the perfect stage for the memory captured in your photos.

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