5 Tips To Give Your Furniture A New Look

While furniture is costly, you have to think about it as an investment. Good quality furniture can last you years, in saying that sometimes it is nice to refresh your look. Here are some ways to change the look of your furniture without breaking the bank:

  1. Rearrange

    Whether you have a home or a store with furniture pieces, by simply rearranging your furniture you can make a big impact; as the saying goes ‘a change is like a holiday’.
    Many factors influence the successful arrangement of furniture. Firstly, always measure before you move. There is no point doing all the hard work, only to find it doesn’t fit the allocated spot.

    Play around with the placement of your furniture. Moving furniture and trying different locations can transform a space. Pending on placement it can close off an area to make it cosier and more intimate or open it up to create an open living space.

    Use different furniture sizes. At Lavida we offer a large range of furniture. Our larger consoles are great for big statement pieces, while our smaller coffee tables and side tables are great for that added style and versatility to your living space.

  2. Clean

    This may sound silly, but you would be surprised by how much dust accumulates. If you give your furniture pieces a wipe down this can brighten them up and make them look fresh. Think about your lacquered wood, a simple dust would liven them. This goes for your whites and darker colours as well.

    Do your research on the appropriate cleaning methods for your type/finish on furniture. Most furniture pieces should be okay with a damp microfiber cloth (make sure you wring it out until almost dry).

  3. Paint

    Use a lick of paint to freshen up your furniture. If you have some old and drab furniture pieces you can simply update them by giving them a coat of paint. Why not try a bold or unique paint colour and try to create new look; think out of the box when choosing a paint colour for your furniture. Think neutral colours such as off white, beige, sand, soft grey, these subtle hints of colour will create a completely new look to your furniture and room.

    Alternatively, there are several other techniques that can be used to create a different look. Have a research into some painting techniques that can be used on furniture, a couple of options we suggest is decoupage or chalk painting.

    Alternatively, there are several other ways furniture can be updated without a new paint job. Sometimes it is simple as changing the hardware (think handles and knobs) to give your piece of furniture a fresh look. Otherwise, you could replace draws with baskets; different look but still keeping storage options.

  4. Layer

    When you are accessorising your furniture, be sure to use layers. Place some runners onto your furniture which not only adds a stylish touch but also helps protect your furniture as well. It is also a common design principle to use layering. Layer objects and items; think a pile of books with a decorative item on top. This will create a new fresh look for your furniture. We suggest to regularly update and refresh your styling to create different looks for your furniture.

  5. Lighting

    Lighting plays an important role in all areas of the home or store. It is important to keep it light and bright and inviting. This is particularly relevant for furniture as well. The look of your furniture can be heavily impacted by the environment it is in. The darker the lighting the heavier the look, this can also be a good thing because if you use artificial light to warm up the space the environment can be cosy and warm and encourage longer browsing time for your customers.

    Use mirrors with furniture to open up spaces and create a flowing effect. This is also a good way to bring light into the room through reflection, creating a harmonious environment. At Lavida we stock a range of mirrors that are perfect as statement pieces. Check out our Mirror Long Island or add a little bit of colour with our Blue Tile Mirror.

    Don’t forget lamps. Lamps are the perfect way to inject artificial light into the room and onto the furniture. By placing lamps on furniture this will create a glow, which will be inviting for customers/visitors. We stock a range of lamps that are all different designs and suitable to many looks. Displaying lamps on top of furniture creates a glow that can draw customers to admire the furniture for sale and in turn help increase the possibility of a sale. We stock a range of large lamps perfect for large consoles or coffee table and smaller lamps which are the perfect size for bedside tables.

    Before you make any drastic changes to your furniture think about the style and look you are going for. Do your research and go from there. There are great Apps that can help with furniture layout as well. It is important to change the simple things first (moving furniture around, cleaning, changing lighting) before you take a bucket of paint to it. None the less, you will come out with a new look home/store that you will love if you follow the above ideas.


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