LaVida's ever growing Pet range is now so popular that we have given it its own category!   As a nation of pet lovers, a range of wholesale pet decor and accessories is a must for any store.   ... read more

Approximately 63% of Australian's own a pet - which compared to the rest of the world is really high.  40% of those own dogs and 23% own cats.  So you we are well placed to invest in some pet themed decor and pet bowls.  

For those few who haven't tried a range of pet decor and accessories they really do have a great track record and we know you and your customers will love trying something new.  

We stock a fun assortment of pet signs, pet bowls, soft and cuddly cats and dogs and lots more.

Pet Signs

These pet signs are always really good humoured with cute slogans and images and really do express how much our pets mean to us.  Mainly focusing on cats and dogs we also have some horse wholesale decor.  

You can choose from a wide range of signs and build a great collection, creating an interesting focal space.  Humourous signs are also a great ice-breaker with customers and help to build up great rapport ready for a sale.  Along with the light-hearted signs we often carry in stock the traditional Beware of the Dog signs as these are always sought after.

The pet signs we stock are always great value and make perfect gifts, perfect for hanging around the house and come in plenty of design styles so you can find signs perfect to suit every taste.

Generally our Pet signs are made from wither aluminum, tin or wood.  We also try and create in-house as many of the designs as possible to give you something unique and exclusive.

With new Pet signs being added all the time be sure to keep checking our Pet Category for the latest designs.

Pet Bowls

Our practical, yet stylish, pet bowls have proved a great addition to our Pet range.  Pet owners want to have beautiful looking pet bowls as they tend to be placed in the home rather than the garden so long gone are the days of plastic, boring bowls!

Soft Furnishings

These adorable soft and squishy pets have been such great sellers.  Perfect to place in children's bedrooms as they make great companions, especially for those that would love a real pet!

We have some gorgeous bunnies, kittens, puppies, even sausage dogs and bulldogs.  Created in patchwork pastel style fabrics, polka dots and stripey ears they make the perfect addition to any room.  Pet doorstops are also an incredibly popular range, a very stylish way to keep those bedroom doors open and a welcome sight for the children too.

Our Soft Furnishing section always carries a wide selection of animal print cushions, mainly pets but also some wildlife and sea creatures.  These cushions are great to add into general cushions creating that eclectic thrown together look which is always en vogue.

Pet Decor

It's becoming increasingly popular to add a pet or animal theme to home decor, maybe using the dog or cat's tails as a row of hooks, just perfect for hanging leads on!  

By creating a range of Pet themed products in your store will maybe entice in new customers who are animal lovers or who have friends who are always looking for that ideal pet related gift.  

So keep checking back in our New Category section or in the Pet section to see our latest additions, we know that you will find plenty of fun, pet decor ideas for your customers to enjoy.


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