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Wholesale Porcelain

As one of Australia's largest wholesalers of inexpensive and beautiful porcelain, LaVida has an excellent variety of products including jugs, jars, platters, planters, teapots and other items that are suited for decorating your beautiful home.

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We at LaVida handpick the best of porcelain home decor to give you the highest quality homeware for a polished look of your modern Australian home. Our range of products is made to fit our customers' homes by giving them a signature elegant look that is built to last for a long time.

We give you the best make and a first-rate price, making our high-quality products a steal deal for what they are worth. Our porcelain range consists of more traditional Chinese with a glossy white and blue exterior and more modern porcelain pieces with glossy white and leafy and colourful prints.

Our porcelain making process is either handmade or are created using custom moulds. Then, the pottery is fired in a kiln and finished off with a glaze, paint or wash and is ready to be placed in your modern Australian home.

Majority of our porcelain range consists of traditional Chinese porcelain with an Australian touch, ensuring that these statement pieces fit into your home perfectly. We make our designs specifically keeping the Australian home in mind to ensure that our porcelain homeware blends into your home decor seamlessly and add their own unique touch and personality at the same time.

If you would like to opt for more traditional or plain looking porcelain homeware, we've got you covered! In our vast porcelain range, we offer more sophisticated looking, minimalist patterns and prints. Like our, teapots which are traditional, simple yet classy and elegant at the same time.

If you are going for a more modern look, we recommend our maximalist yet jug, which consists of the signature glossy white look while having a luxurious leaf print which gives you the right amount of elegance to set your home a class apart.

These minimalistic prints have been added as we constantly keep updating our product ranges to keep up with the latest trends and fashion. We want our customers to experience a variety of choices for their home decor and all homeware needs.

To opt for a more experimental and colourful look, we provide colourful vintage tapestry in our designs which makes for a beautiful addition to your home. These are a wonderful addition to your kitchenware and joyous addition to your home and dining experience.

Our beautiful range of porcelain jugs, platters, umbrella holders, jars, urns and stools come in a variety of sizes and designs to fit your home's needs. From simpler prints to more complex designs, our range is made for the modern Australian home and its diverse needs.

LaVida offers a wide range of porcelain products that can be used for home decor and gifting. We have the classiest products that would be appropriate for any occasion such as anniversary, housewarming or a birthday.

Gifting your loved one a product from our porcelain range makes for an elegant token that shows your affection and as well as your excellent taste in home decor. Some of the items from our range that make for great gifts include our teapots and trays, plates and jugs and many others.

We aim to always keep our customer's homes interesting, classy and engaging with our range full of conversation-starting decor pieces. Having one of these exquisite looking pieces is definitely going to draw attention to your splendid taste in home decor.

We pride ourselves on our range of porcelain products to be inclusive to suit all budgets. You will be sure to find a whole range of products which will impress your customers and lead them to want more, be it for gifting purposes or home decor, our porcelain range contains something for every one of our customers!

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