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Wholesale Mirrors

LaVida's range of wholesale mirrors is one of our most popular ranges and we are excited to share our current range of mirrors with you below.

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We love adding to our range of wholesale mirrors and are always on the lookout for brand new looks and styles.

One of our most popular styles of mirrors is beachside.  The natural wooden frame with the slightly worn edges finished in a range of ocean shades of matt white, sea green or turquoise. 

Quite often we have ranges of natural bare wood, coated in only the merest hint of varnish to give it that beach comber look.

We like to cover all styles though and have plenty of super modern and contemporary mirrors and also ranges of art deco, shabby chic and retro style mirrors.

As with all the ranges here at LaVida we are constantly updating and adding to and we seem to have mastered the art of keeping your favourite, best selling mirrors around for just the right amount of time before finding some more stunning pieces to replace them!

The classic styles of Mirrors with simple frames are timeless pieces which are a great induction into selling mirrors for those of our customers who haven't tried this range yet.

Creating a statement wall is one great wall to firstly display beautifully a lot of products but also to get your customers feeling creative and giving them the ability to see the mirrors on the wall and visualise how it would work in their home.

Mixing and matching from our other ranges of Wall Decor and Artwork along with Picture Frames creates a stunning visual and helps you to encourage customers to buy more pieces that work together as a eclectic collection.

If you don't have enough wall space you can always place them carefully on top of tables and drawers or rest them against walls.

With our wholesale range of mirrors we like to ensure that every style of home decor is accounted for.  We know that many of you order specifically for a customer so we like to ensure that you are going to find them something they love.

So whether your customer is looking for a rustic country mirror, a sophisticated chrome mirror or a beachy feel mirror we can assure you we will always have plenty of choice.  Round rope Mirrors have been a great hit, styled on a porthole, we have chosen a few variations with rope, or lights or chrome.

For those looking to add a splash of colour with their chosen mirror we have some great arty looking mirrors.  With modern Moroccan patterns, aged floral vintage style prints or modern geometric - you can find a mirror to suit.  Quite often these mirrors are finished with extra detailed trims and design features which really do help to sell.

In terms of size we like to offer a vast selection, everything from the  large chimney breast or mantle size mirrors or the feature wall mirrors all the way down to the picture frame style perfect for checking yourself on the way out!

So take a look through our extensive range of wholesale mirrors and if you are new to stocking mirrors choose your favourites and give them a go.

If you are new to LaVida and haven't already become a customer, why not apply for a wholesale account today - it only takes a few minutes - click here to complete the quick application.

You can read more about LaVida on our FAQ�s page.

You can see all our current range of Mirrors below and also check out our New Products category for many more homeware and gift ideas.

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