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Wholesale Homewares

Wholesale homewares are a boon to the busy shop keeper. Wholesale homewares can be anything used to decorate the home or place of business. Purchasing wholesale homewares gives retailers an opportunity to capitalize on a selection of décor that they can turn around and sell for a profit. Take advantage of low prices and bulk distribution from wholesale retailers to fill your store with merchandise. La Vida is the top distributor of wholesale homewares in Australia because they offer the widest selection of treasures at the most competitive prices. ... read more... read more

How It Works
It would be nice if everyone had the time to painstaking hand make every article we sell. The reality of the situation is that these days, time is money. There are many artisans who specialize in producing one type of homeware such as lamps, baskets, or ceramics. That much has not changed. But manufacturers do not always have the resources to distribute their merchandise to everyone who may want it. Rather than going to the trouble of marketing their goods on a large scale we choose to sell to someone who can do it for them.

The advantage of wholesale retail is that distributors are able to offer an astounding range of items in a convenient locale. Rather than scouring the globe for the best merchandise, retailers can go to one place to search for stock. Shopkeepers regularly consult wholesale catalogs for items that we think would appeal to their base of customers. Usually by buying wholesale one is able to save money by purchasing bulk goods at a discount. In order to purchase wholesale items it is necessary to have a wholesaler’s license or permit issued by the local Chamber of Commerce.

Wholesale Homewares
A distinctive category of wholesale merchandise includes wares for the home and garden. Interior decorating is an attractive prospect. The distinctive touch of a personalized decorating scheme can make anyone feel right at home. Most people are interested in beautifying their home or office with the personal touch that homewares offer. Shoppers are always on the lookout for their next purchase of homewares. We never know when we might run across the perfect addition to their home, be it the perfect lamp, picture frame, curio, or anything else that might catch their fancy.

This is why homewares make such a great choice for the entrepreneur on the go. Not everyone is an artist, carpenter, or a craftsman but everyone wants to live in a nicely decorated home. It is easy to take something that was crafted by an expert and charge double what you originally paid for it. Like fashion and beauty, interior decorating is considered to be an upscale market. Shoppers are willing to pay big bucks for the homewares that inspire them. In fact there is an entire school of design dedicated to this concept called interior decorating.

Types of Homewares
Opportunities for decorating tie-ins exist in nearly every type of store imaginable. Obviously the homewares shop would have a distinct interest in purchasing home décor wholesale. A nursery or gardening supplier would be wise to include a few trinkets in their stock to entice those who are already shopping for plants to beautify their yard. Bookstores know that people need knick knacks and picture frames to break up the monotony of their bookshelves. People go to souvenir stands expecting to see something special we can take home and display as a memento.

La Vida has an ample range of wholesale homewares to choose from that fit the theme of any shop or website. Whether your customers live in the countryside or at the beach there are many items to choose from. Gardeners will find outdoor ornaments as well as patio furniture. Interior decorators can peruse the offerings of pillow, throws, and wall hangings. And business owners that cater to tourists are able to pick from a treasure trove of interesting novelties. There is something for everyone at La Vida.



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