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All Kinds Of Clocks!

A fresh new intake of stock this week has brought us some great new alarm clocks and wall clocks to share with you.

Some more fun alarm clocks in great colours and designs - still at very competitive prices.  Available in Teal, Cream, Red & Black and in two sizes - Small and Large.  There is also a very pretty Pink alarm clock and a White alarm clock with flowers in the centre of the face.

This style of alarm clock is perfect for the younger audience from children to teens to young adults.  Perfect also for the spare room or any bedside table.

We also have some fabulous new wall clocks which really deserve a mention - 2 oversized wall clocks, perfect for making THAT statement!  

You can see all our clocks by clicking here - as ever we have plenty more styles - all wholesale and all in stock at great prices.

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