Basket, Rattan, Cane And Bamboo - What Is The Difference And Which Option Is Right For You?

We have all been into a store and seen baskets and rattan furniture; cane planters and bamboo mirrors. All of these materials are so on trend at the moment, but have you ever stood back and thought what makes them different?

Basket ware is so popular among many for not only their tonal and textured qualities, but also for storage and functionality purposes. Baskets are woven containers that are traditionally constructed from stiff fibers. Baskets can be made from a range of materials, depending on whether you want a more rigid basket or something more malleable. Baskets are typically made from pliable materials such as cane, straw, thin wood (wicker) or plastic.

Rattan is in the spotlight at the moment and is on trend. We love the chic appearance of the natural wood look. Rattan is thin joints of a particular palm species. Typically, rattan used to make household items comes from the secondary growth, as the characteristics of the undergrowth are more pliable and flexible.

Here at Lavida we have product ranges that incorporate not only rattan into the design but also rattan webbing. Rattan webbing or mesh is pre-woven and can be used in a number of applications. In particular, we have used it in furniture, more specifically coffee tables and side tables. Checkout our #Coffee Table Long Island for a little glimpse of our furniture pieces with rattan webbing.

Bamboo is similar to rattan in the sense that it has a tough exterior bark that can be stripped off, however there lies a big difference between the two materials; Bamboo is hollow, whereas rattan is solid. Once bamboo is processed and made into furniture, bindings are used so that the bamboo does not split when becoming too dry. We offer our customers an extensive range of bamboo products including but not limited to: planters, side tables, coffee tables, mirrors, drum tables and pendant light shades.

So now that we know what each material is and their general uses, what suits your design style and aesthetic?

There is no right or wrong way to use these natural materials within your home, and as a lot of these items come in a range of colours, they can be celebrated in many spaces. A lot of the time it just means you will need to shop around and find the items that are the right fit for you.

Basket ware and caneware are the most widely used through all homes. These ranges have a practicality to them that make them sought after. Not only that, they are great for adding texture to your home and creating a point of interest. Whether it be an old country home that stores the kindle for the fireplace in a wicker basket by the mantle, or a modern bohemian bungalow with baskets filled with soft throws and cushions in the corner for comfort, basket ware and caneware can be used by the many, for multiple purposes.

Rattan is widely popular at the moment, especially in its natural colours. Rattan webbing has had a major revisit in a lot of home décor pieces including, bed heads, furniture, chairs, stools, stands and other smaller décor pieces. Rattan is typically being used in modern bohemian styled homes or otherwise in a modern minimalistic aesthetic. Its tones and texture bring a warmth to your home and creates an inviting ambience. For the more modernistic homes, rattan is typically paired with dark, often black features, which is how the rattan is made to look more contemporary (see Lavida’s Mini Draws for an example).

Our FW range made with bamboo is by far one of our most popular. We love how this material is so versatile. Under this range we have an extensive list of options for the home, and in multiple colourways. We have developed this range as it has been one of our more successful due to the sleek and chic nature of the bamboo. The white series is perfect for our coastal luxury inspired customers or the modern Hamptons theme; While the black series is more fitted to a modern art deco theme.

What we love about these materials is there is no rules on how or where they should be used. Basket ware, caneware, rattan and bamboo are all versatile in their looks and can transform a room. When choosing pieces for your space, think about what direction you want to go in and go with the piece that both suits that direction and ignites you creatively.


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