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Beautiful Additions - Cushions

Wholesale cushions are one of our favourite product lines to shop for.  There are so many beautiful styles and designs out there, that we have a tough job narrowing it down the very best the international marketplace has to offer.

That is why we are excited to share this latest range of wholesale cushions that have landed into our warehouse just this week.

The range comprises of plenty of fabulous prints and designs, lots of natural bases, pretty watercolors, bold stripes, images from nature such as floral prints and tropical leaves and some fabulous bold patterns.

You can incorporate these designs into your display with ease, choose a colour palette or theme and build from there.  We have plenty of other soft furnishings such as throws, door stops and table runners to help complete the look.  We also have some stunning armchairs which if you haven't tried any pieces of larger furniture, these are a great place to start.  

Check out the dimensions of the cushions too, as you will see we have some standard cushion sizes and some slightly smaller and larger sizes also.  Have a look through the below new additions and see what you think your customers would love to see in your store......


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