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Coasters For Everyone!

There are just so many new ranges that have arrived over the first week of January and we can't wait to share them all with you!

One of the most pieces of home decor that we all love is the coaster - easy and affordable to update, perfect little pick-me-up gift and a quick way to brighten up a coffee table.

Our wholesale coasters offer a style and colour palette for everyone, we try to cover all the beach decor lovers, the country style home, the modernistas and the more traditional style.  We have a few fun ones and a few wordy ones too - so you can really offer your customers what you know they will love.

With over 20 new styles that have just landed this week alone, this is a category that we regularly update, so if you love some move fast as they are quite often in our best selling lists.

Below are some of the new coasters that have recently been added - but click here for the very latest additions.

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