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Exciting New Additions In Clocks

Plenty of new additions this week to our ever expanding range of clocks.

Over 14 new designs to love - carefully chosen with something for every style of home.  As ever blue is featured heavily in this range of wholesale decor as we historically know how consistently well it sells.

As ever with our range of clocks, we have a strong French influence, this always popular look has a new twist with some very current colour options and finishes.

Creating a wall of clocks to make a real statement is a great way to display these fabulous pieces, or maybe create a gallery wall with interspersed wall mirrors and photo frames for a really eye catching and interesting effect.

If you haven't already edged into the clock market this is the perfect range to try, something for everyones budget and easy to slot in your display given its range of easy neutral shades.

Here are the current brand new range of clocks, but you can click here to see all of our very latest range of clocks.  Make sure you look out for our weekly emails too, so you don't miss out on the very latest and most up to date products.

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