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Flameless Candles - Have You Tried Them?

We are so glad that we found this amazing range of flameless candles!

It's now so easy to create a welcoming and inviting candle light in your store without the worry of customers knocking candles or burning your candle stock down.

This range of flameless candles has been proving really popular really since the Trade Fair in Sydney where we first displayed them and almost sold out.  We currently have in stock a set of 4 candles complete with remote control - this set of 4 is available in 2 sizes Large & Small.  

The remote control allows you to control many options including the length of time the candles stay on for - anything from 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours.  As well as the mode, dimmer and an on and off button.  

You can also buy them individually - see them below in the gallery.

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