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Gifts To Make Your Customers Shop!

We have some fabulous new gift idea in stock for you and we know you're customers are going to love them!

Here at LaVida we pride ourselves in having an ever improving range of wholesale giftware, to keep your customers coming back for more.

We like to keep some of the bestselling favourites around, but generally all our ranges are continually being replaced with fresh new ideas.

Wholesale giftware is one of our favourite categories, we love sourcing fabulous new finds, new ideas, creating new trends all the while making sure that the prices are always favourable.

We have gifts in almost every one of over 40 categories including ceramics, purses, candles, candleholders & lanterns, jewellery, scarves, picture frames, notebooks and much, much more.

We have curated a small selection of some of the current best selling wholesale gifts below, do you think they would work in your store?

Take a look and see, let us know your thoughts on your current favourites and what you would like to see more of.

You can always drop us a line at

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