Gold Plated Wholesale Jewellery: Are These The Best Investment For You?

Gold plated jewellery can be considered as fashion statements amongst men and women. Though these are probably the best investments you can ever have, these are the easiest way to collect wholesale jewellery. But is it safe to say that gold plated wholesale jewellery is worth your money?

The process of gold plating is all about coating a piece of jewellery with a light sheet of gold to make it look like the jewellery is made of solid gold. This practice has been done for many years now. This is the reason why gold plated wholesale jewellery has become really popular among jewellery collectors and enthusiasts everywhere.

Like many other things, gold plated wholesale jewellery has its own advantages of disadvantages that you should consider before finally deciding if this is indeed the best piece of jewellery for you.

Gold plated wholesale jewellery is considered to be very affordable. This is perfect for people who would like to have something of value to wear even if they do not have enough money to buy real pieces of jewellery. Since gold plated jewellery is made from materials of lesser value covered up with a thin plating of gold, it is quite understandable why this type of jewellery is very popular amongst the masses.

Gold plated wholesale jewellery can ensure the owner's safety from burglars and robbers. Because gold plated jewellery are not very expensive, you can wear then anywhere without constantly looking around your surroundings for possible robbers. You can display these pieces of jewellery and you can still go home in one piece.

Gold plated wholesale jewellery is easy to use. This kind of jewellery is very light and made from materials that are not that prominent when worn. You can wear several gold plated bracelets or necklaces without feeling like you're being dragged across the hall.

Gold plated wholesale jewellery can be found anywhere. It is easy to find gold plated jewellery now a days because they are easy to reproduce. You can visit the different malls around the metro and you can find gold plated jewellery being sold inside. You can also find gold plated wholesale jewellery being sold at bazaars, county fairs and other festivals. And surely, people would flock to the table where these pieces of jewellery are located.

At the same time that gold plated wholesale jewellery has its bright side, disadvantages can also be identified when it comes to choosing gold plated jewellery compared to the ones made of solid gold.

Quality is often times compromised. Because of the growing demand for cheaper jewellery, less attention is being given to the quality of the materials used to create gold plated wholesale jewellery. Sometimes the price may seem to be the disadvantage itself. Since the gold plated type of jewellery are inexpensive there is not enough reason to make quality controlled finished products.

Gold plated Wholesale Jewellery can tarnish easily. The gold plating can easily disappear, chip or tarnish over time. Sweat, water and even perfumes can affect the quality of these gold plated jewellery sets. Since gold plated jewellery is not always of good quality, you shouldn't be shocked if one of these days, the plating will just disappear.

Some are not hypo allergenic. There are people who have very sensitive skin, so they have to be very careful when rubbing the chains onto your skin too much. For those who react to metals easily, they can immediately develop rashes and can cause serious irritation unless treated immediately.

Gold Plated Wholesale jewellery is practically disposable. Because the jewellery was not made with the highest quality material, as soon as it starts to tarnish or lose its luster, then it'd safe to say that you can just through the gold plated jewellery instead.

Overall, the decision is still yours, whether you want to collect gold plated wholesale jewellery or not. You just have to be very careful because you don't want to end up feeling that you have been tricked into buying a solid gold piece of jewellery instead.

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