How To Start Your Own Store With Wholesale Ceramics

Want to set up a décor store with wholesale ceramics? Confused about choosing between offline and online stores? Follow this guide to know everything related to a décor store with wholesale ceramics.

But wait, what’s home décor and wholesale ceramics?

Home décor is a short form for home decoration. It’s the art of converting your apartment or flat into a home. It includes the components used to give your home an elegant finish with an attractive look. A wholesale ceramic covers a wide range of products like artistic pottery, pots and planters or even tableware sold at a wholesale price. These are hard, brittle, corrosion, and heat-resistant materials from shaping and firing clay or any other non-metallic material.

Offline Vs Online Market

You might have the thought of starting a local offline store with a classical “brick and mortar” setting. While many startups have struggled in this route, few entrepreneurs have made their way.

Firstly, you need to find manufacturers who could produce the desired home décor products. The store location matters. Ensure the showroom has a washroom facility, welcome lights, enough indoor space, and a separate warehouse. Hire courteous staff as they only manage every customer and convert them into buyers. Analyse your competitor’s products, the taxes included in-store management and shipping and keep a profit margin of 25% of the product value.

An online décor store of wholesale ceramics is an online e-commerce store that increases your reach and does not include additional costs of electricity bills and staff members. Most importantly, it gives you the ability to lower the product prices in comparison to market rates and hence give better value for money to the customers.

In an online setting, your website is your virtual showroom visited by customers for the first time. So do invest your funds in building an attractive online presence for your business. Always ensure the safe delivery of your fragile products by signing up with a trusted shipping company. Make sure you have an installation team that supervises installation upon delivery to stand out from other businesses.

How To Start Your Store

Follow these steps to set up a décor store with wholesale ceramics :

1. Choose an e-commerce business model

An online e-commerce store gives you the opportunity of selling your ceramics to the whole world. Now you don’t have to depend on average footfall to increase profits. You are the boss of your store, can manage it from anywhere in the world with no stress of staff members.

2. Create a business plan

A business plan acts as a roadmap of what you’ll be doing, where you see yourself in future and helps you validate your idea from all angles. Create an outline of your business, identify the market and growth opportunities. Understand your target customers, their demographics and buying mindset. Focus on how you’ll market your products and understand the competitor’s game. Have a good knowledge of your expenses, operating budgets, and plan for the future.

3. Price your décor well

Pricing of your wholesale ceramics will decide whether your target customer will buy your product or not. So do your research well and analyse your competitors’ pricing strategies to ensure your customers get the best value for money.

4. Create a professional blog

Start a blog with a scalable design and a mobile-friendly theme. Research trending topics and few categories for good content. Make your blogs SEO optimized so they rank in Google and drive traffic to your website. Use social media marketing via creating an official Facebook page to link your blogs and products to it. Also, invest in paid Facebook ads to promote your products.

5. Some Product Ranges

Once you get an idea about setting up your décor store with wholesale ceramics, it’s time to act upon creating categories of products and analyse some trending product ranges. Wholesale ceramics can be used for artistic pottery, as pots and planters, and as decorative items that light up your ambience.

Ceramic vases are a great addition to the overall décor especially on display shelves, side units, or table centrepieces. With ceramic pots and planters, people could light up your outdoor garden and create a soothing view. Wholesale ceramic home décor is a bestseller and useful for adding varying depth to the indoor display and making it feel fresh.

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