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How To Style A Console Table

We are loving seeing all the different ways you have been dressing the console tables from LaVida.  We have had some great designs in recently and we are super impressed at how great you make them look.  

We thought it would be a great idea to take your ideas and some of our own and create a guide to styling that all important console table, allowing your customers to see how fabulous it could look in their home.

With all these home decor guides there is not right or wrong way, some love it to look orderly and co-ordinated, others love the eclectic mish-mash of styles and colours.  This guide might help to inspire you to freshen up your console table or just make a few tweeks, but we really hope you find it helpful/

There are always some key elements to creating a well put together console table.

Always start with the anchor point or the main focus of the console table.  This quite often is a mirror a large piece of artwork that sits behind the console on the wall.  So find something you love to use as the anchor and build your look around that.

Height is the next important factor, adding decorative pieces that fall into the small, medium and large - do not be afraid to go too tall also, add some drama!  Quite often the height will be flowers in a vase, fresh or artificial, a table lamp or a tall vase.

Creating a balanced look does not mean that everything has to be the same on each end of the console.  On the side that you have placed maybe the large tall lamp or vase, on the other end you could use a group of ceramics, a candles, piles of books, small vases of flowers and decorative glassware.

Using the space underneath the console is also a great way to add some creative flair, some easy ones to add are baskets with rolls of throws placed inside, piles of cushions stacked on the floor, large bowls full of decorative balls or shells.

Mix up your display every few weeks to breathe new life into it, change the colour scheme, add more natural pieces such as plants and wooded decor.  Add a a splash of navy or hot pink, keep it all white.  

Check out our current range of Console in the Furniture section and if you have any photos you would like to share of your display - you can email them to Angela at

and we may feature them in an upcoming blog.

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