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Nature Inspired Glass Framed Prints

Have you seen this new collection of wholesale high end, glass framed prints?

These striking prints caused quite a commotion at the recent trade fair, with so many of you commenting on how beautiful the images were and how eye-catching they are.  Needless to say, they went on to be one of the biggest selling ranges at the trade fair.

All of the images in this collection are inspired by nature and have all been selected from hundreds of images that were available, but we wanted only to select the ones that we absolutely loved and we're so pleased that you are loving them too.

The ranges comprises of 12 different prints, all in varying sizes, all glass fronted and framed.  Take a look through this wholesale collection and see which nature inspired images would work best in your store for your customers.  Choose from the absolutely beautiful image of the tiger with its striking green eyes, or the fabulous horse or the beautiful stripes of the zebra.  There are also some stunning images from the beach and the ocean and of course nature itself.

You can see the whole collection below and all of our new products across all ranges by clicking here.

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