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New Ceramic Signs & Coasters

This has been a great new range that has recently landed, all fresh into stock.

Designed in-house at LaVida, so exclusively available from only LaVida - this wholesale range of pretty home decor is a great retail story and makes a perfect addition to any gift or decor range.

This ceramic decor range consists of small box signs, hanging hearts and coasters.

There are 5 different coasters to choose from - all come in sets of 4 and are bound together beautifully with suede.

There are 2 round sets with a theme of champagne and Cheers!  2 square sets with the themes of Happy Hour & Wine.  A striking black set with gold font and a round set of palm leaf motifs which are all time classics.

The ceramic box signs lend themselves to so many situation and gift giving ideas.We have chosen themes of family, love, inspiration and of course champagne!

Have a look through all the range by searching on the product code SG12 and you can create a retail story that we know your customers are going to love.

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