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Ottomans & Stools - Why Not Give Them A Try?

We have noticed recently that more and more of our customers who haven't tried stocking furniture before are now trying a few smaller pieces in their stores and having great success.  We know it's a big step for some of you who have mainly small home decors and gifts and making space for some of those small ottomans & stools, occasional tables, shelves, drawer sets and bedside tables.

Adding items into your store with those higher price tags is a great way to increase profits and looking at the incredible price points at LaVida its a shame to miss out on that side of business.

So let's take a look at some of those small pieces of furniture, starting with ottomans and stools, that could easily slot into your retail space.....

Ottomans & Stools

This Grey Ottoman with its beautiful modern, geometic print in classic grey & white is the perfect place to start - available as a stool or as an ottoman these are great sellers and perfect for those living in smaller spaces such as apartments or those with larger spaces looking to dress guest rooms, etc.  

Keeping with modern prints this Cube Sky Ottoman is great for those looking for something more contemporary - it offers a modern feel and would be perfect for that slightly younger crowd and this stylish print is also available in a matching stool.

The red and white intricate detailed print of the Rouge Ottoman is another great choice, its warm and stylish fabric gives the feeling of luxury and it will end up as a classic piece in many homes.

This elegant and classic Linen Ottoman is perfect for those that want something neutral and easy to move from room to room as and when its needed.  A timeless piece that will sell itself.  As we loved the finish on this ottoman so much we have added a square version and at these great price points its easy to stock both.

This great new stool has the feel of industrial and yet offers such practical solutions for those in smaller spaces, with its slightly vintaged feel this will be a stylish addition to any space.

One of our most popular stools has been this gorgeous, wooden vintage finish stool, this style of stool is perfect for so many styles of decor - everything from shabby chic to coastal, minimalistic and modern - its a great product at a great price.

Check out our next blog which continues with occasional tables, shelves and bedside tables.

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