Eclectic Vs Traditional: Styling Your Christmas Tree

Introduction: Explaining the concept of eclectic and traditional styles for Christmas trees

Are you looking to breathe new life into your Christmas tree decorations this year? Whether you want to embrace a mix of styles or stick to the traditional classics, we've got you covered! In this article, we'll explore the concept of eclectic and traditional styles for Christmas trees and help you decide which one suits your holiday aesthetic. So, if you're wondering how to style your Christmas tree this season, you've come to the right place!

Key characteristics of traditional Christmas tree styling

Traditional Christmas tree styling exudes a classic and timeless charm that appeals to many people. Here are some key characteristics that define traditional Christmas tree styling:

  1. Classic color scheme: Traditional Christmas trees often feature a color scheme of red, green, and gold. These colors symbolize the holiday season and create a warm and festive atmosphere.

  2. Ornaments and decorations: Traditional Christmas tree decorations typically consist of a mix of handmade and store-bought ornaments. These ornaments often showcase traditional holiday motifs such as snowflakes, angels, Santa Claus, reindeer, and bells.

  3. Garland and lights: A traditional Christmas tree is adorned with garlands made of tinsel, popcorn, cranberries, or ribbons. Additionally, traditional trees are typically decorated with strands of white or warm white lights to create a soft and cozy glow throughout the tree.

  4. Tree topper: The tree topper is an essential element in traditional Christmas tree styling. A traditional tree topper can be a star, an angel, or a beautifully crafted ornament that sits atop the tree, adding a finishing touch to the overall look.

  5. Blend of new and heirloom ornaments: Traditional Christmas trees often feature a mix of new ornaments and cherished heirlooms passed down through generations. These heirloom ornaments hold sentimental value and add a touch of nostalgia to the tree.

By incorporating these key elements, you can create a traditional Christmas tree that evokes feelings of warmth, nostalgia, and a celebration of holiday traditions. Whether you choose to go for a full, lush tree or a simpler and more minimalistic approach, traditional styling will infuse your space with the classic Christmas spirit.

Key characteristics of eclectic Christmas tree styling

When it comes to styling your Christmas tree in an eclectic manner, there are a few key characteristics that can help you achieve a unique and vibrant look. Here are some of the main elements to consider:

  1. Mixing colors and patterns:

    One of the defining features of eclectic Christmas tree styling is the use of multiple colors and patterns. Dare to mix and match different hues and prints that catch your eye. Don't be afraid to combine traditional red and green with unexpected shades like turquoise or purple. Have fun experimenting with different textures and designs, such as plaids, stripes, and polka dots.

  2. Varied ornament shapes and sizes:

    An eclectic Christmas tree is all about embracing diversity. Choose ornaments in various shapes and sizes to create visual interest. Mix traditional round baubles with quirky figurines, sparkly stars, and whimsical shapes. Incorporate unconventional objects like vintage toys or tiny trinkets that hold sentimental value.

  3. Unconventional tree toppers:

    Traditionally, angels or stars are used as tree toppers, but with eclectic styling, you can think outside the box. Consider using unexpected items like a glittery crown, a feathered hat, or even an oversized bow. Get creative and make your tree topper a focal point that reflects your own personal style.

  4. Eclectic garlands and ribbons:

    Upgrade your tree with unique garlands and ribbons that add a touch of whimsy. Choose strands of mini pom poms, metallic tinsel, or retro-inspired paper chains. Combine different textures and colors to create a cohesive yet eclectic look.

  5. Displays of collected treasures:

    An eclectic Christmas tree provides the perfect opportunity to showcase your cherished mementos and collected treasures. Hang beloved family heirlooms, vintage ornaments, or handmade crafts made by loved ones. These personal touches not only add depth and individuality to your tree but also create a beautiful story to share with your guests.

By incorporating these key characteristics into your tree styling, you can create a festive and unique Christmas display that is sure to impress. Remember, the beauty of eclectic styling lies in the unexpected combinations and the freedom to express your own personal taste. So let your imagination run wild and create a Christmas tree that truly reflects who you are.

Pros and Cons of Traditional Christmas Tree Styling

Traditional Christmas tree styling is a classic and timeless approach to decorating for the holidays. It evokes feelings of nostalgia and creates a cozy and festive atmosphere. However, like any design choice, there are pros and cons to consider. Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of traditional Christmas tree styling.

  1. Pros:

    • Familiarity: One of the biggest advantages of traditional Christmas tree styling is its familiarity. Many people grew up with traditional decorations, making it nostalgic and comforting. It brings back cherished memories and creates a sense of tradition.

    • Timelessness: Traditional styling stands the test of time. Classic ornaments, like glass balls, tinsel, and angel tree toppers, have been used for generations. They never go out of style and can be enjoyed year after year.

    • Ease of sourcing: Traditional Christmas ornaments are widely available and can be found in many stores and online retailers. This makes it easy to find the perfect decorations to fit your style and budget.

    • Family tradition: Using traditional Christmas tree styling allows you to carry on family traditions. Passing down ornaments from generation to generation creates a sense of continuity and connection to the past.

    • Classic aesthetic: Traditional Christmas tree styling exudes elegance and sophistication. The combination of warm lights, rich greenery, and timeless decorations creates a beautiful and inviting centerpiece for your holiday decor.

  2. Cons:

    • Limited versatility: While traditional styling has its charms, it may feel limiting to some. If you prefer a more eclectic or modern approach, traditional decorations might not align with your desired aesthetic.

    • Potential monotony: Traditional Christmas tree styling can sometimes feel repetitive, especially if you've been using the same ornaments for years. If you crave variety and change, you may find yourself wanting to explore different styles.

    • Space requirements: Traditional Christmas tree styling often involves larger decorations, such as garlands and oversized ornaments. This can require more space and may not be suitable for smaller living areas or apartments.

    • Cost: Depending on the quality and quantity of traditional decorations you choose, the cost can add up. Investing in high-quality ornaments and lights can be expensive, especially if you want to create a grand and luxurious display.

    • Consistency: With traditional styling, it can be challenging to introduce new and trendy decorations without disrupting the cohesive look. This may limit your ability to incorporate current design trends into your holiday decor.

When deciding whether to embrace traditional Christmas tree styling, consider the pros and cons mentioned above. Ultimately, the choice comes down to personal style preference, the desire for familiarity and tradition, and the overall look and feel you want to achieve during the holiday season.

Pros and Cons of Eclectic Christmas Tree Styling

When it comes to decorating your Christmas tree, the eclectic style offers a unique and personalized approach. Mixing different colors, patterns, and ornaments can create a fun and whimsical display that reflects your individual taste. However, there are also some drawbacks to consider when opting for an eclectic Christmas tree. Let's explore the pros and cons of this styling choice:


  1. Creative Freedom: One of the main advantages of eclectic Christmas tree styling is the creative freedom it offers. You have the opportunity to mix and match various elements, allowing you to truly express your personality and create a one-of-a-kind tree. This style allows you to incorporate sentimental ornaments and mementos with new and trendy decorations, making it a truly meaningful display.

  2. Unique and Eye-catching: An eclectic Christmas tree is often a standout feature in any room. With its mix of colors, textures, and styles, it becomes a unique centerpiece that catches the attention of your guests. This style is perfect for those who want their tree to be a conversation starter or who enjoy showcasing their eclectic taste.

  3. Flexible and Evolving: The eclectic style allows for flexibility and encourages experimentation. You can switch up your ornaments each year or add new ones as your collection grows. This means that your tree can evolve over time, keeping your holiday decorations fresh and exciting.

  4. Personalized and Meaningful: The eclectic style enables you to incorporate ornaments that hold personal significance. Each ornament tells a story, whether it's a handmade creation, a souvenir from a special trip, or a family heirloom. Your Christmas tree becomes a reflection of your unique memories and experiences.


  1. Overwhelm: The eclectic style can sometimes result in an overwhelming visual display. With so many different colors and patterns, it's essential to strike a balance and avoid creating a cluttered look. Ensuring that there is still some cohesiveness and harmony in your tree's design is key.

  2. Mismatched Aesthetic: If you prefer a more uniform and coordinated look, the eclectic style may not be for you. This approach intentionally embraces variety and diversity, which may not align with a more traditional or minimalist aesthetic.

  3. Difficult Decision-making: With an endless array of ornaments and decorations to choose from, making decisions can become overwhelming. Selecting the right mix of colors, patterns, and ornaments requires careful thought and consideration. It's important to strike the right balance and not go overboard with too many elements.

In conclusion, eclectic Christmas tree styling offers an exciting and personalized approach to holiday decorating. It allows for creative freedom, uniqueness, and a display of meaningful ornaments. However, it may not be suitable for those seeking a more coordinated or minimalist look, as it can create an overwhelming visual impact. Consider the pros and cons of eclectic styling to determine if it aligns with your preferences and the overall aesthetic of your home.

Tips for combining eclectic and traditional elements in Christmas tree styling

If you're looking to create a unique and visually dynamic Christmas tree, combining eclectic and traditional elements can be a wonderful approach. This blending of styles can result in a tree that is both nostalgic and whimsical. Here are some helpful tips to help you achieve a harmonious balance when styling your eclectic-traditional Christmas tree:

  1. Start with a traditional base:

    Begin by selecting a traditional base for your Christmas tree. A classic evergreen tree with full branches and a conical shape works well as a starting point. This will provide a solid foundation for incorporating eclectic elements.

  2. Add personal touches:

    One way to incorporate eclectic elements is by adding personal touches to your tree. Consider hanging handmade ornaments, family heirlooms, or sentimental trinkets. These items will bring an element of uniqueness and personal significance to your tree.

  3. Mix colors and textures:

    Embrace eclectic styling by mixing colors and textures in your tree decorations. Combine traditional red, green, and gold with bold pops of color such as blue, purple, or pink. Play with different textures like velvet, lace, and glitter to add depth and interest to your tree.

  4. Incorporate unusual ornaments:

    Adding unusual ornaments can further enhance the eclectic feel of your tree. Look for unique decorations like vintage-inspired baubles, quirky characters, or unexpected objects that reflect your personal style. These unconventional ornaments will add a touch of whimsy to your tree.

  5. Create contrast with lighting:

    Lighting plays a crucial role in highlighting the eclectic-traditional fusion. Opt for traditional warm white fairy lights to create a cozy ambiance. Then, add a twist with a string of colorful LED lights or lanterns. This combination will beautifully blend traditional and eclectic elements.

  6. Showcase diverse garlands:

    Use a variety of garlands to give your tree an eclectic look while still maintaining traditional elegance. Drape classic bead garlands or popcorn chains alongside funky garlands made of tinsel, feathers, or fabric. This contrast will work harmoniously and add visual interest to your tree.

  7. Balance the tree:

    When combining eclectic and traditional elements, it's important to maintain balance. Distribute the different ornaments and decorations evenly around the tree to create a harmonious look. Step back and adjust as needed to ensure a visually pleasing balance between the eclectic and traditional elements.

  8. Top it off with a unique topper:

    Finally, crown your eclectic-traditional tree with a unique topper that reflects your personal style. Consider using a traditional angel or star, or think outside the box with a quirky and unexpected topper. This finishing touch will complete the eclectic-traditional look of your Christmas tree.

By incorporating these tips, you can create a Christmas tree that seamlessly blends eclectic and traditional elements. This unique styling approach will not only create a visually stunning tree but also evoke nostalgic sentiments and embrace your personal style. Happy decorating!

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