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Note Books

Notebook Grey Morocc Small

Code: IA4279-4
Product Dimensions: 10x15H cm
Product Material: Leather, Paper


Weight: 0.64kg
Length: 10.00cm
Width: 5.50cm
Height: 15.50cm
Inner Qty: 4
Carton Qty: 72

Some of us find our moorings in our thoughts, in the manner in which some words arrange and rearrange in such a way that each time there is an avid idea ready to bolster your spirits and all of these need a space their own - why not gather them all in notebooks that define your style as well as your mind. Here is a wonderfully designed leather covered one from Lavida - simple sophistication and great quality all blended into its functionality.

Notebooks are the best places to save your thoughts in. And if you are the kind who loves to pen down all of your musings, sketches, anecdotal observations and plans, here is a compact leather covered notebook that should look as great sitting atop your desk as it would inside your bag. Made with fine quality leather - which adorns its top, it has an elegant design in grey that is very heritage and ornate in its impact. The sheets within are superfine quality paper and the numbers of pages too would be adequate to last you through quite some time. Make it your everyday note taking book or your desktop diary - both ways it will be a great accessory. Each time you decide to flaunt your style, this notebook with its superb good looks will add a huge dollop of style. The binding is solid, the cover with its rounded edges and smooth corners truly makes for a wonderful accessory for all who love to write. The small sized notebook is compact at 15 cm in length and 10 cm in width.

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