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Alarm Clock Curve Black Large

Code: LA8219-1
Product Dimensions: 12x6x16H cm
Product Material: Metal, Glass


Weight: 0.40kg
Length: 11.50cm
Width: 8.50cm
Height: 16.00cm
Inner Qty: 1

Make mornings as active and as on schedule as possible - wake up to the sound of this metallic retro clock that will always give you good time, help you mitigate the usual problems of getting up late and ensure that looking at the time from time to time is quite a pleasant little sight. This round faced cock makes the retro look come alive in such simple but unique way that your desk, mantle or the bedside will enjoy wearing its brand new old look!

An indispensable part of your home and working environment, despite there being so much digitization, clocks have this very quaint way of reminding you of the time when you need the assurance that there is plenty of it. This round faced one has a diameter of 11 cm and a height of 19 cm, making it a tall sturdy and very impressive in its looks. The solidity of its structure, the tow round metal discs on top and the tiny round legs that support it, al look very charming in deed. The quartz technology will ensure that it always gives you perfect time and keep you from getting late. You could also add it to the children's room where its charming antiquated look will make keeping track of time not as tedious as it is. They will especially love it features such as the round metal top, the smooth structure and the very look of clocks that one has grown up listening to.

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