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Artificial Plants

Artificial Plant Column Leaves

Code: LA8111-1
Product Dimensions: 15x15x39H cm
Product Material: Plastic, Resin


Weight: 1.02kg
Length: 16.00cm
Width: 16.00cm
Height: 40.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

Make an impression with artificial greens in your outdoors and interiors as few things can compare to the way plants can add to the beauty of spaces in the manner in which they make all things look naturally beautiful. This plastic made plant comes with a terracotta look resin planter which too has been given the most accurate of color and finish to make this piece unusually pretty.

Right from the top of the column plants which stands up to a height of 39 cm to its base which is nestled deep inside what happens to look like a terracotta earthen or clay pot, this is a most natural imitation that one can find in artificial plants for your home or interiors. The column like plants rises up and its thick leaves are such that one would feel the urge to touch and feel their thick fronds to see f t is for real or not. The touch of class of course comes from the careful choice of the right green color for this plant. The dense leaving and the manner in which leaves seem to be gushing outwards in a mad haste to catch the light makes it seem like a rather healthy natural foliar. The terracotta look planter makes it the second feature because of which this is such a stunner of a plant to own. Place it alongside shorter plants r alongside larger pieces of furniture and see how well it will bring out the beauty of even the dullest of interiors. Fuss free usage can be shifted and placed anywhere you need it as per need and easy cleaning makes this a perfect choice for you.

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