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Artificial Plants

Artificial Plant Gum Leaves

Code: LA8114-1
Product Dimensions: 24x24x21H cm
Product Material: Plastic, Resin


Weight: 0.56kg
Length: 18.50cm
Width: 19.00cm
Height: 19.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

Home, offices, restaurants, clinics, there is no lace that does not get more charming because of the presence of plants and when they come in avatars that are completely fuss free and maintenance free, why would you not like to add more to your collection. Here is one that comes in gorgeous flat urn that is topped with the most amazing replication of a waxy leaved plant. Great for table tops.

Be it table tops or the floor this beautifully replicated design has of course been inspired by nature and that is evident in the manner in which the colors of the plants have this dappled effect - dark in some places and less in other. The leaf structuring too is perfect as is the choice of the urn which brings out the beauty of this short statured plant with more accuracy. The plant has been placed in a resin planter that suits its stature and color. Can be simply wiped clean and will look like new even after years of usage. Can be placed on tables as well as its total height is a mere 21 cm from its round base to its top . The bowl like urn which makes up its planter is scalloped in design and adds a look of vintage charm to its appeal. The detailing on the leaves that are really tiny shows its vein structure despite being that small. The color choice for the plants too has been accurately chosen. Here is the best option in term sofa plant that will look as great on the floor as it will on a large table, console or side board as well.

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