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Artificial Plants

Artificial Plant Lavender Heart

Code: LD3143-1
Product Dimensions: 9.5x12cm
Product Material: Plastic, Resin

Sometime a touch of greens in the interiors does not just lift the look of the space to quite another level of beauty but renders it more prone to creating several other changes that goes beyond the them. Here is the beautiful lavender plant that has been replicated with much finesse and given such a real feel, in terms of its structure and texture. The gorgeous blooms on it too have the ability to make you believe that they would be fragrant!

The plant resides in a beautifully crafted resin pot that look like it has been made of ceramic. The classic look emanates not just from this feature but also the manner in which the artificial plant seems to be having a certain life like detailing - the varying lengths of the stem, the bending of few, the opening of a few buds while some remain closed - this entire plant in fact is a study in perfect detailing captured so well. Add it to your indoor spaces and see the beauty it will bring with it. Its height and size over all appeals to all kinds of usages and locations - be it the desk, the console, the corner table that could do with some more colour or the window sill where it could catch the light and show off its beauty all the more. Life like features and the gorgeously designed details make sit a perfect means to line up mantles, tables, desks and such spaces that can be in closer scrutiny. The container it sits in makes the look all the more classically vintage - after all who can resist the temptation of testing this fragrant plant! The easy cleaning of this artificial plans will help keep it looking like new despite much usage. The height is altogether 12 cm and its width in all is 9 cm.

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