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Artificial Plants

Artificial Plant Spikey Leaves

Code: LA8547-1
Product Dimensions: 15x15x25H cm
Product Material: Plastic, Foam, Glass, Clay


Weight: 0.90kg
Length: 15.00cm
Width: 15.50cm
Height: 26.50cm
Inner Qty: 1

A topiary style indoor plant that should be your best means to render your home readier for a spring look especially when the snow outside indicates a seasonal change. Make such artificial plants a part of your décor to set the mood for several nature based themes as a colourful green plant is the best means to enrich the look of any other nature based décor.

About 25 cm in height, the spindly needle like leaves of tis plant is thick and lush green as if thriving in tropical climate. The clay planter with its slightly discoloured look makes the look all the ore natural. The brightness of the greens contrasts vividly and the roundness of its shape which is another detail that makes the look of the planter so special. Seems so natural that one can almost imagine it having being pruned to this shape. The planter would offset any floral arrangement or any other floral display that might also be part of the décor. Can be simply dusted to help it retain its rich new feel. The grass like stalks have a lovely soft feel as the plant has been crated from very high - quality plastic. The realistic feel of the plant also comes from the fact that it has been placed in a clay planter and has been hand placed on foam to give it a certain springiness. While not being too imposing in its height - allows it usage on windows, tables, in similar indoor spaces where a touch of green is most welcome. Its natural feel is further highlighted by the correct choice of the foliage colour.

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