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Bags & Purses

Bag Tote Crotchet Fringe/shell Black/nat

Code: BB302-1
Product Dimensions: 26x28cm
Product Material: seagrass, cotton, PU


Weight: 0.20kg
Length: 28.00cm
Width: 30.00cm
Height: 29.00cm

Please note... these are a natural handmade product. Variations in size, shape, stitching and colouring will be evident. There may be loose threads due to the nature of the weave.

Keep it simple and charmingly bohemian when it comes to bags and purses as they bring with them a certain quality of youthfulness and style that is inimitably refreshing. This seagrass made handcrafted crochet bag has a tub like shape that gives you deep storage for all things that your day's outing may need. The height of 28 cm and width of 26 makes it a large enough day bag. Embellishment with cowrie shells and the cottony fringe with straps that are thin and delicate adds to its very feminine kind of charm. Delightfully designed for making any outfit look great, its colour being deep and contrasting with most shades you might wear, it truly is a perfect accessory. Add on those strappy summer sandals and feel the loose carefree look it will bring along. The material used will keep it strong and durable and even when stuffed well it should hold on just fine.

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