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Servingware & Kitchen

Banded Blue Sky Placemat

Code: BB294-6
Product Dimensions: 38x38 cm
Product Material: Seagrass


Weight: 1.52kg
Length: 37.50cm
Width: 37.00cm
Height: 10.50cm
Inner Qty: 6

The trio of colours makes this a splendid means to give so many options in placing various colours on your table through table cloths and the rest-after all with a mat that has several colours to offer does lend a vibrant touch of beauty to any space. The banded beauty could be used as much as an individual place setting as it could be for the centre. A great table top accent that will bring a touch of artisanal glory to your setting.

All things handmade come with a vibrant and lively kind of presence-after all, unlike things made by pre cast machines-they have the touch of human expertise quite directly and that can be seen in the weave of tis circular tri colour mat all of 38 cm in diameter, it has soft and smooth seagrass as its basic material which lends it a solid functional quality and a highly attractive smooth finish, the banded beauty will help enhance the beauty of your dining room and allows work wonders for your console or your side board. It is easy to wipe clean and will remain durable even under duress. The beauty of an ancient weave has been revived through the tireless effort of Lavida to showcase the best in traditional crafts that bring so much of an organic appeal to interiors of homes.

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