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Servingware & Kitchen

Banded Natural Placemat

Code: BB293-6
Product Dimensions: 38x38 cm
Product Material: Seagrass


Weight: 1.50kg
Length: 38.00cm
Width: 39.00cm
Height: 9.00cm
Inner Qty: 6

Add a touch of artisanal magic with the help of this delightfully created round placemat that combines subtle colours with an age-old craft of weaving. The round mat will hold CenterStage on the dining table or the coffee table -perhaps under a vase or candles or work as superbly for individual setting too. Made to a smooth and well finished look, this mat is sure to make an impression of elegance and sophistication.

Match up to some really cool organic look mats with the right kind of table linen and you would have table setting to envy this round placement in a darker and lighter beige combination sets the bar really high with its organic touch and textured feel as well as it very natural choice of colours. It really does make it simpler to combine darker more vibrant colours with it, be it in the set of napkins or in the other aspects of your table. The gorgeous round mat showcases the best in weaving traditions that have been suitably used for creating a smooth and even finish that looks stunning as a central mat on a table or even for individual setting. You could make a set of four or six or simply use it in singles atop your coffee table or the sideboard where you wish to place a décor piece or a vase. The seagrass weave is bound to build in a wonderful rustic appeal.

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