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Servingware & Kitchen

Banded Natural Placemat

Code: BB293-6
Product Dimensions: 38x38 cm
Product Material: Seagrass


Weight: 1.50kg
Length: 38.00cm
Width: 39.00cm
Height: 9.00cm
Inner Qty: 6

It's dainty and demure-the tiny snout ready to give that swirl of creamy milk to your cup of tea or coffee- or help you pour that chocolate on to the top of your ice-cream-there are so many ways by which a tiny jug such as this can be used t make your tea drinking time seem ore classy and formal. The jug has been made from high quality ceramic that has been fired correctly thus giving it such a fine kind of ageless beauty.

Make your tea or coffee drinking time reflect as much your great taste in beverage as you great taste in accessories that make this time f the day feel all the more special. This white scalloped ceramic jug with its tiny snout and delightful adorned feature -all in white truly represents the best in ceramic craft. All white it's a tiny milk jug that is a mere 6.5 cm in height and 12 cm in width, having not just the right kind of snout for pouring ease but the right kind of handle to give you a great grip. Lightweight yet smooth and sturdy. It has an elegant classic design and a delightful floral pattern that makes the look it owns a different level of being refreshingly elegant. Add to it a set if the similarly designed white scalloped cup and you are on your ay to making a fascinatingly simple yet utterly charming tea set.

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