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Basket Halsey Rect S/3

Code: LL6050-2
Product Dimensions: L:36x27x30H cm, M:31x22x26H cm, S:25x18x24H cm
Product Material: Rattan, Metal


Length: 3.04cm
Width: 54.50cm
Height: 30.50cm
Inner Qty: 42
Carton Qty: 2
Comments: 8

You have always wanted to keep your home looking best organized and as your household neds keep increasing with the addition of so many things in them, as does your need to keep things in better spaces that makes them accessible yet helping you make spaces look neat too - here is help in the form of rugged and ready wire and rattan made baskets in three most useful design and sizes.

They have been created from metal with the intention of giving them long life and durability. So be it toys in the children's room, carrying your laundry from the line to the ironing table or storing blankets by the fire grate - you can use this gorgeous set of white and rattan weave to give you that helping hand. Made with sturdy wired that have been woven to give the typical wide mesh structure, the rattan has been used to create a base outline and helps make the top of the baskets all the more pretty with their natural tone. The handles would make usage all the easier. They are varied in sizes, the largest being 30 cm high and about 36 cm in length and 27 in width - making it also rather great for storing vegetables picked fresh from the garden. The medium sized one could be used in the children's room to keep stationery and the smallest would be super cool as a toiletry storage. After all, with a design as great as this, its usability too is expansive. The white on white look makes for a lovely fresh feel set that would anyways enhance the look of your spaces too.

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