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Basket Halsey Round S/3

Code: LL6051-2
Product Dimensions: L:40x29x31H cm, M:35x25x27H cm, S:28x19x24H cm
Product Material: Rattan, Metal


Length: 1.28cm
Width: 41.00cm
Height: 29.00cm
Inner Qty: 29
Carton Qty: 1

You look around and wish to see more order and yet, you find it almost impossible to find just the right size or look when it comes to easy to pick and use organizers that are elegant, yet versatile in usage. Here is help from Lavida who now that one of the most important aspects pf good housekeeping is in making sure that your home always looks well organized.

You like things to be in their places and have always found solace in having the right organizers that act like your specialist in taking care of such needs. Be it socks and lingerie or wood by the fire side, toys in the children's room or throws by the side of the sofa - you have always wanted to place them in their own spaces and such organizers on offer from Lavida help you achieve just that. Place the three variedly sized baskets made from sturdy wire having handles that make their handling and carrying so much easier - and find the right ways and means to execute your neat home keeping plans. The sizes are most conducive for several kinds of usages. The oval baskets come with deep inner spaces and have length and widths to help make them quite accommodative and spacious. Handy, tough and at your service for years. You will love the touch of rattan that infuses a country kind of char to its painted white bodies.

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