Bee Hanger Sage

  • Code: HS1448-12
  • Material: Metal
  • Size: 23x14x0.5cm
  • Min order quantity: 12
Inner Packaging:
  • Weight: 0.32 kg
  • Length: 16.00 cm
  • Width: 11.50 cm
  • Height: 10.00 cm
  • Inner Qty: 12
  • Carton Qty: 288
  • Weight: 8.20 kg
  • Length: 36.00 cm
  • Width: 35.00 cm
  • Height: 42.00 cm
This item is handcrafted variations in colour, finish and size will occur, This is part of the uniqueness of the product and not considered a fault.
The Bee Hanger Sage is an enchanting decorative piece designed to add a touch of natural charm to any retail space or home environment. Crafted from b'Metal' with a delicate sage colour, this item measures 23x14x0.5 cm, making it a perfect fit for a variety of settings such as windows, nurseries, or outdoor patio areas. Retailers will find that its unique bee and flower design, coupled with its serene colour palette, is sure to attract customers seeking a quaint and whimsical addition to their decor collection, driving sales through its visual appeal and versatility.

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Introducing the Bee Hanger Sage, a meticulously handcrafted piece of art that effortlessly blends whimsical charm with rustic elegance. At a delicate size of 23x14x0.5cm, this quaint metal hanger, wrought with care, brings a touch of nature's beauty into any home or office setting. The Bee Hanger Sage's appearance is a beautiful yet understated sage colour, infusing subtle earth tones that complement a variety of decor styles from contemporary to country-chic. Each Bee Hanger Sage is unique, with gentle variations in colour, finish, and size that highlight its handcrafted origin. These nuances add to the character of the item and testify to its artisanal quality, ensuring that no two pieces are exactly alike, making it a uniquely personal addition to any space. This feature is not a flaw but rather an assurance of your item's individuality and authenticity. Designed to enchant, this item captures the imagination and elevates your decor with its simplicity and grace. Whether hanging in a sunlit window, adorning a cozy nook, or adding a cheerful touch to a child's room, the Bee Hanger Sage appeals to those who appreciate the beauty in nature's design and the craftsmanship of handmade goods. Its compact size makes it versatile for a myriad of decorative possibilities, whilst the robust metal construction ensures durability, allowing the charm of the Bee Hanger Sage to be a part of your decor for years to come. The Bee Hanger Sage is not just decor; it's a statement of appreciation for artistry, a conversation piece that will undoubtedly catch the eye of guests and customers alike, making it a popular choice for anyone looking to enrich their environment with a blend of natural inspiration and artisanal flair.