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Bicycle Planter Jolie

Code: WH4043-2
Product Dimensions: 46x19x39H cm
Product Material: Metal


Weight: 2.54kg
Length: 49.00cm
Width: 34.50cm
Height: 39.50cm
Inner Qty: 2
Carton Qty: 2

Bring home the whimsical and quirky look definitive metal made planters created with the right kind of imagination to give a unique new look to your gorgeous plants which with their presence will highlight the beauty of the greens to the fullest. Made in the shape of a bicycle, this planter plays host to two plants - one which it can hold at the front in its basket and the second at the back, thus creating a well - balanced unique display.

The metal crafted cycle makes you imagine one racing down the country road with a load of flowers on it - here is a gorgeous planter that allows you to create that perfect country and farm look bringing in the rusticity of the village and the simplicity of its imagery. The tiny basket in front could hold a smaller plant perhaps with blooms, while the larger basket at the back could be a larger plant with larger blooms to create the most adorable of displays. The detailing of the planter leaves you amazed - the tiny wheels at the back and the larger one in the front and the baskets as if woven from metal strings. The design has been created so as to allow it to remain well balanced, despite the weight of the potted plants. Add more such imaginative planters to bring alive the beauty of your green corner. The height of this planter is 39 cm and its length is all of 46 cm giving ample space for both the plants to have its dense foliage grow well.

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