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Bottle Fendi Small

Code: KL3326-4
Product Dimensions: 11x11x14H cm
Product Material: Ceramic


Weight: 1.00kg
Length: 12.50cm
Width: 12.00cm
Height: 15.00cm
Inner Qty: 4

Quirk is the new innovation - well frankly one look at the age old designs getting this whole new treatment makes the ceramic line launched under décor and serve ware worth drooling over. A get a makeover is possible with these truly earthy designs that is steeped in traditions and energized by the new verve in interiors and designs.

Bring the classic elegance of ceramic ware to your home and interiors and add the essence of a traditional art that encapsulates the best in artisanal quality ceramic making with new designs. This vase has a quaint looking tiny handle like a little ear growing out from near the neck of the vessel. The speckled gray textured exterior looks all the more pretty because of the white that seems to be offsetting the beauty of this piece and lifting its looks to quite another level. Just the rim and the top of the tiny handle is in white while the rest of the exterior looks all the more resplendent. The curved body of the vase is broad at the base and the mouth tapers to a small little opening. In fact it is this what makes the Fendi bottle suitable for pouring out liquids. Designed for a modern fresh new look, bring home more from this range to create a set that will give your dining space something more than ordinary.

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