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Bottle Opened Dolphin

Code: UH8211-4
Product Dimensions: 6x4x17H cm
Product Material: Metal


Weight: 1.60kg
Length: 18.00cm
Width: 7.00cm
Height: 15.00cm
Inner Qty: 4

So you have always wanted to pop open those stubborn crowns with as much flourish as you could and all you have had so far was an attempt at making it look so. Here comes the perfect dolphin shaped metal bottle opener that combines a pretty marine design gives it the right leverage and makes it function with adept deftness - so that the next time you wish to open bottles all it would take would be the flick of your wrist and of course this bottle opener.

You will love the dolphin shape and the vintage feel of its ruggedly created shape, but more than anything else it will be its exactness of design that will thrill you. Easy to grip - with the perfect length to ensure that even the most sturdy and stubborn of crowns give way with a simple flick of the writs. The dolphin shape is perhaps also the reason that holding the opener is so very easy. Hang it from a hook when not in use. It will see you through years of usage its metal body as such is rust free and its semi white rugged looks making it look more like an antique piece. The eye for design and the concern for getting the shape and the leverage right makes this a very useful piece to have around. You will simply love the look of its snout, the tail fin with its crown holding slot and the manner in which it is balanced on its belly when placed on a table. A lovely addition to your kitchen or bar.

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