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Bottle Opener Turtle

Code: UJ5173-4
Product Dimensions: 14x8x.5
Product Material: Metal


Weight: 0.92kg
Length: 7.50cm
Width: 1.50cm
Height: 12.50cm
Inner Qty: 4
Carton Qty: 60

Functionally well designed and ready to add a dimension of quirk to your bar counter. Here is a metal made bottle opener whose design makes a simple flick of the wrist pop open bottles effortlessly - and whose delightful design will make things look cheery as well. Sturdy metal body, shaped body that resembles a sea turtle and a graceful bottle opener shape that will make bottle opening seem like an easy task.

It seems to have made its way out of the ocean, creating the typical marks on the sandy beach with its slow and steadily moving feet. The perfect little replication of a sea turtle in the form of this bottle opener makes this a delightful addition to your bar counter or your kitchen space. After all, when the urge to pop open that bottle of beer or a chilled drink is high, why not keep things easy and smooth with such superb openers that are designed for an easy action opening. The metal body has been crafted from high grade metal that will align well with the top and allow easy grip. The silvery metal body has tinges of black that gives it a kind of rugged and rough feel. Though lightweight, the metal body will not bend or tarnish.

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