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Bottle Vase Yellow

Code: LB6276-6
Product Dimensions: 5x5x23 cm
Product Material: Glass


Weight: 1.25kg
Length: 17.50cm
Width: 12.50cm
Height: 24.00cm
Inner Qty: 6

It is in all likelihood not practical to purchase a vase that is more colourful than the flowers itself. Ideally, decorators look for a vase that strikes a balance between being attractive in design yet muted enough so that all eyes remain on the flowers themselves.

This is the reason why this golden yellow glass bottle vase would be perfectly suitable for those of your customers who are looking for this decoration balance. The vase itself is a sturdy glass while the colour is natural and happy - the perfect colour that you would want to place flowers in. After all, the whole purpose of decorating a room with flowers in a vase is to add charm and warmth - nothing achieves this more than this kind of yellow. The vase is also strong and solid glass that will ensure that it will be a hardy selection for any decorator.

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