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Boucle Bakers Stand - Large

Code: U1034
Product Dimensions: 63.5x35x153cm
Product Material: Wood, Metal


Weight: 17.00kg
Length: 7.00cm
Width: 155.50cm
Height: 66.50cm
Inner Qty: 1

You've taken the time to learn how to properly bake everything from cookies to cakes and cupcakes to pies. You slaved away in the kitchen creating them, spent time frosting and decorating them and now they're ready to display and devour. Are you just going to throw them on a counter and cover them with foil? Of course not! Baking is a work of art and it should be displayed as such.

This Large Boucle Bakers Stand is going to display your baked goods in the way they deserve. Consisting of four shelves and a beautifully scrolled iron design on the top and sides, it will be the product that makes the most of your talents. Whether you're a home baker or a professional, the stand is going to be what prominently shows off the delicious treats in a fitting way. After all your hard work, the only way your tiny works of edible art should be displayed is on something equally as fabulous.

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  • Is this item collapsable?

    Good morning. Can you please tell me, is this item collapsable? (as in, will it fold down to put into a car). Also, postage cost to postcode 3691 (Victoria). Thankyou.

    By: Kim Leerentveld on | Was this helpful?   (22/25)
    Staff Reply
    Yes, the ledges fold up and the sides fold in to make it flat

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