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Box Bw Pattern

Code: LA8614-2
Product Dimensions: 15x15x6H cm
Product Material: MDF


Weight: 0.42kg
Length: 16.00cm
Width: 7.00cm
Height: 16.50cm
Inner Qty: 2
Carton Qty: 48

It is black and white with four compartments and a structure that is sturdy and well designed to give your small little possessions the safest haven to reside in. Here is perfect little organizer for your table top, with its vivid monochromatic design that will makes just the right impact on the decor while all the while working hard at keeping your things better organized and within reach.

Be it a collection of tiny buttons, spices that you got from the far east, a collection of some rare herbs or your trinket collection - there are so many small possessions that matter so much to us and we would like the to be safe and within reach at the same time. Why not add smart little organizers like this plywood made one that has a sturdy structure and four compartments within that will help keep the articles from getting jumbled up. The lid can be easily lifted and the ice with its unique design will work like an accent in the space. The top has been made from MDF and lends a look pf ornate antiquity to the space. Smart, stylish and very appealing in its design, here is one of the best means to ensure that your table top looks smart and savvy. Add it to your dresser, the kitchen counter or your side board - there could be several spaces where it would fit in with ease and make its presence felt. The box has 15 cm dimension with a depth of 6 cm.

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