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Box Hearts Silver

Code: HS0672S-1
Product Dimensions: 6x1x6cm + string
Product Material: MDF, Metal


Weight: 0.24kg
Length: 14.00cm
Width: 3.50cm
Height: 13.00cm

Tiny little hangable decoration from Lavida, can help make your home look its best this holiday season. Like the happiness that you feel in your heart with the change in season and the hope of better times ahead, why not add the same style and look of happiness to your d�cor, and that could be done with much ease with these ready to use and easy to hang option from Lavida.

When your home needs to get dressed and ready for the great party season round the corner, and if there is that special occasion just round the corner, you need the ease of getting your home ready with that special look. Here is some help from Lavida that offers you easy to hang hearts that come with a loop attachment. The handcrafted hearts are in dull silver - very chic and vintage in appeal and will add that touch of glamour to your decoration. Stylize the look - and use then unconventionally - perhaps as giveaways along with the party favours you may have planned or plant them atop the neck of bottles of wine there are s any uses of such a pretty accent that come neatly packed inside this box like shallow tub. You could use the same box for storing them till you need the hearts for the next big occasion.

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