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Box Ornaments Ww S/6

Code: HS0561-2
Product Dimensions: 22x2x8H cm
Product Material: Metal, String, Wood


Weight: 0.66kg
Length: 23.00cm
Width: 9.00cm
Height: 13.00cm
Inner Qty: 6
Carton Qty: 144

Tipped with a silvery line that defines their beauty all the more, here is a set of white leaves crated from metal and given a lovely detailed look to match all your special decorative needs. When your home needs to wear a look that is ready for the festive season, or for some special occasion like an anniversary, showers or birthdays, success parties or promotions - you could always put out this extra special set of decorative leaves and set the look apart with one single flourish of magic.

This set has none such leaves, each about 9 cm long and with silver detailed veins that makes them look stunning. It comes encased in wooden box which eventually makes you store them with ease ready to be pulled out each time you have an occasion that needs help from them. Add this and more such lovely decorative ideas from Lavida to your collection and ease out your worries for special occasion hoe dressing. The leaves have bels attached to them and a string in lovely natural fibre that lends it more charm. The sliver bell tinkles each time the tiny leaves swirl and twirls around. You could simply use then like any other suspended ornaments from banisters, archways chairbacks or simply as tags or add more ribbons and other decorative and use them on wreaths that you are handcrafting. It really does take this kind of a simple ornamentation to convert a simple space into something really worth complimenting. The easy to store set is soon going to be your favourite each time a new idea for using them comes by.

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